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Year 6

Please keep checking this page below, as the Year 5/6 team are using it as a blog page.  Look out for today's suggestion. 

7th April - 

Year 5 and 6 pupils, we would like to set you a kindness challenge this week (no school work because it's the Easter holidays).  We would like you to write a letter, make a card or draw a picture for someone in a retirement home or care home.  You can email us on the email link below, or drop them into school whilst on your daily exercise.  We will then deliver them next week.   We look forward to making others smile.  

Year 6 PAG Tasks

Year 6 Spelling Tasks

Year 6 Spring Block-3 Consolidation-Algebra

English task sheet resources

Year 6 Summer Block-1 Consolidation Properties of Shape

Yr 6 Reading Comprehension - The Giants Necklace

Yr6 - Partitioning Arithmetic

Education Online Sites

Art and Craft home learning grid

Non-screen activities - Pobble

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Evening all you lovely Year 6 and parents and carers.  I have missed coming to school and teaching you all very much!!  It is a very strange and certainly unprecedented time we currently find ourselves in.  If you would like to post any of the home learning or activities that you and your families are completing, please use the following weblink:


You can use this to email, post and ask questions, to Miss Kilvington, Mr Russell and Mrs Giddgings.  In particular, we would like to ask you to post activities linked to Appreciation day.  these could then be shared on the news!!  


I look forward to hearing from you all very soon Miss Kilvington :  )


28th March, 2020

It was lovely to hear from some of you in the last few days.  Keep messaging in with photos and questions.  Take care of yourselves and your family x


1st April, 

Good morning all - to get you moving around your homes and gardens today The Year 5/6 Team would like you to look for the following today:

1. A long stand

2. A bubble for a spirit level

3. Sky hooks for outside camping covers

4. A glass hammer

5. Tartan paint

6. A left-handed screw driver


All of these items need to be found by 12 o'clock and you can email in a picture of yourself with them.  Challenge accepted!