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Greek cities

The first thing we researched about the Ancient Greeks were their cities. They were called city states because each state had its own set of rules and own ruler. Each city was very different and brought their children up in very different ways. Below is a run down of each city and their differences, written by Oskar. U and Archie. L.S


Sparta was a very powerful  city-state in ancient Greece . Any adult men who were not married had to run through the town naked once a year! Sparta was the only city state with a full time army despite this, Spartans lived in harsh conditions with out luxuries for there tough warriors. The weather was an average of 16 degrees and the wind could go up to 40mph. 


Athens was one of the most important and powerful cities in Greece during the classical period. Athens spanned several thousand years ,from about 322BC during this time it grew from a small fishing village to the most important city in the ancient world!


Olympia was the home of the ancient Olympic  games and that is where they got their name from. The games use to included; wrestling, running and throwing; just like today. The major different was that a lot of the athletes didn't wear any clothes because it was so hot!


Corinth was a trade city that was based by the water meaning it was easy to access. However, the it was perhaps most famous for its incredible architecture. Like most Greek states, it was ruled by a powerful King throughout its time.


The most well known fact about this city was the fact that it was defeated by a wooden horse in the great Trojan war! The people of Troy were not great warriors but the city was built with huge high walls which kept it well protected for many years. Troy is still a city today on the edge of Turkey.