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Walliscote School Challenge

If you haven't already got one, please click here for The Walliscote School Challenge.

The first of many ...                                                   


Casey  Yr 3/4           23/03/2020

Casey made us happy with her cake today! Number 2 on The Walliscote Challenge.

She asks all teachers, teacher assistants and other staff members to take care of themselves and stay safe.  She sends you big hugs ;) 

Thank you Casey. Keep sending us photos of completed challenges and stay safe!


Thank you Aronas for your Rainbow picture. Number 17 on The Walliscote Challenge complete. #chasetherainbow!


Awesome recycled monster! Number 26 on The Walliscote Challenge complete. 

Well done Aronas!! 


Amazing rainbow pictures Christopher and Ella! #weappreciateyou

Number 17 of The Walliscote Challenge Complete. ;)


Great Job Nojus!! Number 18 of the Walliscote Challenge complete. Looks yummy!! 




And there's more .... 


You've even managed to complete your home learning too. Awesome work Nojus!! 

 Super Job Pati! Number 17 of The Walliscote Challenge Complete :)

Amazing Aronus - Number 24 of The Walliscote School Challenge complete! 

 A big well done to Lilia for creating her own rainbow to show support and recognition to the NHS staff! Challenge complete!!

Super writing Christopher - what a lovely poem! Number 36 of the Walliscote Challenge complete.


'Hand Print' challenge...DONE!

Can you spot the animals that were created through the manipulation of a hand print?

A big well done to Paige, Freddie, Frankie, Miss Ham, Mrs Parson and Miss Sheridan




Making paper aeroplanes was great fun this morning! The sun was shining brightly so we had competitions outside to see whose could fly the furthest!

Well done Oliver, Chloe, Freddie. Frankie, Paige and Julia!