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Walliscote Primary

Vision & Values


Vision Statement Walliscote Primary School is a caring community, dedicated to promoting excellence in achievement, learning and creativity for all, in a happy secure environment.

Our Values

1. We value high achievement for all.

We celebrate all achievement and support all children to reach their full potential.

2. We value problem solving through creative learning.

Giving children confidence to explore real life situations, to persevere, to develop resilience and to learn to succeed.

3. We value equality and inclusion.

We ensure the provision of a rich and diverse experience for all our learners in a flexible environment with equal opportunities and inclusion at the core.

4. We value our pupils, staff, governors and families.

Working together as a team where all members have a role and voice that is heard in a caring, respectful and learning community.

5. We value our friends, cooperative trust and local community.

We make friendships within our community to share, support and grow together enabling us to learn and achieve together.

Our vision and values underpin everything that we do at our school.