Vision & Values


Walliscote Primary School is a diverse, caring community. We are dedicated to promoting excellence in achievement, learning and creativity for all, in a happy secure environment.

Our Values



  1. We value aspiration

We encourage everyone to become their best self, to be confident and have self- belief.

  1. We value hard work

We praise effort more than the accomplishment and support children in developing confidence to explore real life situations, to persevere, to develop resilience and to learn to succeed through an extraordinary education.

  1. We value kindness

We see kindness as being friendly, generous, understanding and considerate to others and ourselves. 


Our vision and values underpin everything that we do at our school and across the Trust.


Extend Learning Academies Network


We are dedicated to providing an EXTRAORDINARY education that empowers our children and staff to achieve their best and always be proud of who they are and what they do.