School Council

Having a school council allows the children to have a pupil voice within our school. Being a school council member develops the children’s communication skills and self-confidence as well as supporting them to make informed choices.

Walliscote Primary’s school council has 2 representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. The representatives have been selected by each class at the beginning of the school year via a ballot or teacher pupil discussions depending on age.

School council meets every term to discuss school matters important to the children and the school. Staff and pupils are able to raise issues with the school council and they will feed discussions back to their own classes as well as the senior leadership team.

This year school council is focusing on achieving the Healthy School’s Award.

Our 3 main objectives for Healthy Schools are:

1. Drinking water to help us learn.

2. Exercise sessions daily in class.

3. Mindfulness/Reflection times weekly in class.

The school council suggest ways in which we can promote these 3 aims and feed these back to their classes.