Run Around the World Challenge 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Run Around the World challenge……..WE NEED YOU!

 During term six we are setting the children a challenge that they can all take part in and one that allof our schools can contribute and work together on. Children and staff from all eight ELAN schools will be taking part in a ‘run around the world’ challenge! It’s only 25,000 miles and can form part of your normal daily exercise.

 During the enforced lockdown, many children across the world have not been able to exercise for the recommended 60 minutes a day, so we feel it’s important and the right time, to now encourage and provide an opportunity to get active and work towards a goaldo. Of course, we know that many of you will have been taking the opportunity to take part in more physical activity and this challenge is also for you too.

 ELAN is the first recognised Daily Mile multi-academy trust nationally, something we are very proud of. We’ll be using our status to promote the challenge across the UK. We hope your child will join us in running/walking/cycling for one mile a day every day throughout term six. This will have many physical and emotional benefits, as well as giving them a goal to work towards whilst helping their school and ELAN to achieve a virtual run around the world.

 The best bit is... it is very easy to participate and represent your school!

Simply follow this link to the Google document and fill in the quick and easy form every day/week after your child has completed a mile. There is no limit. If you can do more than a mile then that’s amazing. Just make sure you have logged it. Children can monitor progress towards the combined target of 25,000 miles! We will post our progress on our social media pages for you all to see!

You will need to sign in to the google doc with the below information. When you have signed in, only enter details for your child, and please do not edit the document, as this will be for every school in ELAN. Your school will have a tab at the bottom of the page, click the tab and enter the details requested to log your child’s miles.

Use email –

Password – elanrun2020

We really hope you participate and take pride in representing your school in this challenge and wish you all the very best. If you’d like to share your progress on our social media then you are welcome to submit/tag us in photos, stories/videos.

Please follow the ELAN Twitter page for updates @ExtendLANSPORT and @ExtendLAN as well as Facebook and your school social media pages. 

For any questions, please contact me on email and I will happily try my best to help.

Yours faithfully

Mr Molland

Extend Learning Academies Network

Sports Champion