Welcome Back letter September 2020

Friday 4th September

Dear Parents and carers,

I hope that you and your families have enjoyed the summer holiday and that you have been able to achieve a greater sense of normality since the Covid-19 outbreak began.We are so happy to have welcomed the children back into school. The sound of many voices has brought the building back to life.

We wish to thank you for your support and patience over these first two days as we implement the plans for staggered entry and exit. As you are already aware we have made some subtle changes and will continue to review the situation in order to adhere to social distancing for our families.

We welcome your feedback and will attempt to address the thought provoking comments as we move forward in this ‘new’ normal.

All children are now expected to return to school unless they have an authorised reason for an absence or are unwell. This means that registers will be marked as normal and all non-attendance will be followed up.

Social distancing

We would ask that you continue to maintain social distancing when leaving/collecting your child and that you leave the site as swiftly as possible. The children will not be expected to distance themselves within their bubbles in school.

Routines in school will be adapted to minimize movement around the rooms, cloakrooms and corridors and currently there will be no whole school gatherings in the hall.

Hygiene measures

Children will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day including on arrival and exit. The school will undergo extra cleaning every evening and throughout the day.


Children will need a named water bottle every day and should bring their book bag to school as normal. Any unnecessary items should be left at home. Children do not need to bring in their own hand sanitizer and masks are not required.

All children should wear normal school uniform and this should be washed according to your own routine. Children should wear their PE kit to school for the whole day on PE days to avoid storing and changing clothes.

Possible outbreak of Covid-19 in school

There is a clear plan in place, should a child or adult become unwell at school with the symptoms of Corona virus

. • We will phone you immediately to collect your child and they will be looked after by a member of staff in the Sunshine room away from all other children. We will not take any chances by keeping a child in school that we have concerns about.

• You will be asked to get your child tested immediately and then inform school of the results. Tests can be arranged by using the website www.nhs.uk/coronavirus. The testing process is very straightforward and swift.

• If the test is negative and your child is well, they can return to school.

• If the test is positive, then the procedure for self and family isolation will begin and the school will inform the local health protection team for advice on the next steps.

• The health team will advise us what to do and should a group be required to self-isolate, we will inform you immediately.

• If returning to school after a positive test, your child must have had a normal temperature for a minimum of 48 hours as well as completing the required isolation period.


Please continue to use the telephone and email system for the most effective communication at this time. You can also continue to use the email address for your phase. Reception - EYFSReception@walliscote.extendlearning.org

Year 1/2 KS1 - Year1-2@walliscote.extendlearning.org

Year 3-4 LKS2 - Year3-4@walliscote.extendlearning.org

Year 5-6 UKS2 - Year5-6@walliscote.extendlearning.org

Learning It will be our priority to settle all children back into the routines of school life .There will also be a period of information gathering to find out where gaps in knowledge lie and then we can make plans to address these. We will continue to offer our full, ambitious curriculum throughout. Should there be another lock-down or the necessity for home-learning for individuals or groups, our website and remote learning provision will be ready for re-activation.

Kind regards,

Mrs Heidi L

Hudd Headteacher