Please have a look at our PE and Physical Education Planner for top tips on how to stay active at home, either in the garden or in your home. 

Whilst we encourage you to try and remain active it is not always easy depending on many factors. However, finding at least 15 minutes a day to get your children breathing a bit heavier and faster, feel their heart beating and getting a minute to just stretch, will significantly benefit them.

It will make them feel:

  • stronger
  • happier
  • healthier
  • more relaxed
  • freshen you up
  • clean your mind of stresses
  • help send you off to sleep quicker

The routine is the important part, if they can do something at least once a day it will really help with everything else they do in the day. The planner below shows ideas for you and your family. If, like me, you and your children are becoming bored of the same kind of videos on youtube, the don't be afraid to mix it up and try different things.


Other cool videos I have been using are (please be mindful of pop-ups and adverts):

MOVE LIKE THE AVENGERS | Marvel x Les Mills 5-minute Kids Workout (only 1 video but very good)


Get Kids Moving - Youtube channel 




The BBC are also uploading daily active videos follow the links below:


Premier League Primary Stars

To support those looking for ways to educate and entertain children aged 5-11 and keep them active, we are making school curriculum-linked resources available for home learning, with no registration.

If you need any inspiration please email myself (Mr Russell)  at the Year 5/6 Team Email Address and I will provide you with even more ideas of things you can do at home.

 #StaySafe #StayHome #StayActive