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Chac rules over rain, vegetation and agriculture. He is also the rain maker God; he also carried a serpent as a symbol of lightning. He is often shown covered in scales, fangs and a hooked nose. Chac is very important for growth and harvest. The Maya believed that his tears were rain. He taught the secrets of farming and harvest.

Ix Chel

Ix Chel rules over child birth, medicine, the moon, pregnancy, floods, weaving and domestic home life. She is also Chac’s wife which makes her a very important Goddess.


Itzamna is one of the most important gods because she is the mother of most of the Gods. She is the God of fire and also the God who created the earth. Alongside this, she was the ruler of heaven as well as day and night. The Maya believed that Itzamna gave them the calendar and writing; they believed her name meant lizard house.


Mam is the God of earth-quakes and the ruler of earth- quakes; he is prayed to a lot and has sacrifices made to him so that the Maya lands wouldn’t come under threat of his power.



Kukulkan was a powerful God whose name meant feathered serpent and he was often drawn as a dragon. He was also called Gukamatz. Creating humans was something he tried and twice failed but eventually his attempts paid off and one attempt worked!

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