Communication Flowchart Recommended for Parents/Carers


Communication Procedures at Walliscote Primary School

Walliscote Primary School recognises the importance of clear and effective communications between home and school, and is committed to being open and accessible.

 We know that when parents/carers have a concern that relates to their child at school, whether it’s pastoral, curriculum or staffing in nature, they often feel the best way forward is to ask to see the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. In our experience many of these concerns can often be most quickly resolved by first talking to the class teacher as they know your children best.

 Effective telephone and email communication can sometimes be a problem in a school, where teachers may be teaching full time or otherwise working with children at lunchtime or after school. Parents/carers may feel exasperated if they feel that a message elicits no immediate reply, when in fact there has been no available opportunity for the member of staff to respond. We would like to reassure you that all communications are logged by the school office and communicated to the relevant member of staff.

 All email communications are to be sent to the school office and will be forwarded on to the relevant staff member. No staff member at Walliscote Primary School will respond to parent/carer emails from their school email address or through social media communications.  

To contact the Chair of Governors, please email: or write to Caroline Reynolds at the school postal address. 

To contact Extend Learning Academies Network please call 01934 427134 or email 

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Please see the following document - Parent Code of Conduct 

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