Our children are well supported, challenged and inspired by our excellent staff, who aim to provide an extraordinary education that brings out the best in all of our young people, regardless of their ability or background. By being a part of Extend Learning Academies Network we work very closely together with our other schools across the area. This collaboration provides access to a variety of sports, cultural and arts events. We feel our offer of an enhanced curriculum is of a great benefit to all our children.

Being situated in the centre of a seaside town, we are in close proximity to the beach, local parks, library, the museum and the theatre. This facilitates the opportunities for our children to enjoy wider learning experiences.

Children Starting School September 2024

Parents of pre-schoolers might find it hard to believe that their little ones will be starting school next year! There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing the right school and we are more than happy to help you make the right choice.

Our admission number for Reception intake is currently 45 pupils.

If your child was born between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020 they will be due to start Reception year in September 2024.

The application window for Reception 2024 places opened on Tuesday 12 September 2023 and closed at 11:59pm Monday 15 January 2024. 

You can still make a late application for consideration in the second admission round. You will need to make a paper application - please download the Bulk Application Form 2024-25 (below) or contact the school office if you need assistance with obtaining an application form.

The deadline for the submission of applications to be considered in the second round is Friday 10 May 2024. Applications made after this date will be considered in subsequent allocation rounds and will be processed after the 10 June 2024. 

All applications are processed by North Somerset Council School Admissions. Applications can be returned to the council, in person, by post or electronically. 

School admissions bulk application form 2024-25

Further information can be found in the Parents' Guide to Starting School, or you can contact School Admissions by email admissions@n-somerset.gov.uk  or telephone 01275 884078.
Parents Guide to Starting School and Transferring to Junior School 2024-25

How to apply for a school place online

It is really important to apply by the relevant closing date or you may not be considered in the first round of applications. If you miss the deadline, you can still apply. Late applications will be processed later in the year but may be less likely to get your preferred school.

Children Starting Secondary School September 2024

Children currently in Year 6 transfer to a Secondary School in September 2024. 

Online applications for pupils moving to a secondary school are now closed. You can still apply, but you will need to make a paper application instead. Your application will be processed later in the year.

You can download an application form or contact the school office if you need assistance with obtaining an application form.

Further information is contained in the Parents' Guide to Transferring to Secondary School also you can contact School Admissions by email admissions@n-somerset.gov.uk  or telephone 01275 884078. 


Parents Guide to Transferring to Secondary School 2024-25

School Admissions Bulk Application Form 2024-25.docx

Appeals timetable

If you have been refused a place at your preferred school the letter from North Somerset will explain why, and you will be given the right to appeal. 

You should read the North Somerset appeals guidance appeals-timetable-2024/25

If you are thinking of appealing, you can click on the following link for further support Appeal guide

In Year Admissions

Looking to move schools? You can apply to transfer to Walliscote Primary School at any time throughout the year. You can apply online by clicking on the link below: 

Apply to change school - click here 

Alternatively, you can download a form for an in-year transfer below:

Changing school in year application form

All applications are processed by North Somerset Council School Admissions. Applications can be returned to North Somerset Council either in person, online or via post using the details below. 

Contact Details

School Admissions Team, North Somerset Council, 

Town Hall,

Walliscote Grove Road, 


BS23 1UJ 

Contact Number:  01275 884078

Email: admissions@n-somerset.gov.uk

Once you have returned your completed application form you should receive a confirmation email from North Somerset School Admissions or a letter in the post stating the outcome of your application.  

If you have added yourself to the waiting list for a school place please remember to do this at the start of each new term. 

If you have any questions, please contact North Somerset School Admissions on the contact number or email address above. 


Admission Arrangements


You can read the ELAN Admissions Arrangements for 2023-2024 v2 by clicking here
You can read the ELAN Admissions Arrangements for 2024-2025 by clicking here
You can read the ELAN Admissions Arrangements for 2025-2026 by clicking here
You can read our over-subscription criteria, for the 2023/24 school year by clicking here