Walliscote Primary School is proud to be part of the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN). ELAN became a multi academy trust on the 1 October 2017 and our school is a founder member of the original six schools who formed the partnership. 

Our schools are an established working group with a shared ethos and a history and culture of collaboration and collaborative development.

As a multi-academy trust (MAT) we are dedicated to providing an EXTRAORDINARY education that empowers our children and staff to always be proud of who they are and what they do.

We are a multi-academy trust and our business is education. The prefix extra means beyond. This is what we want to do - provide an education beyond the ordinary. 

Our trust values have been carefully and mindfully developed by the board of trustees, head teachers and department leads to ensure that they can be applied to every area of the work that we do.

We embrace individuality

We do the right thing

We work together

As an integral part of Extend Learning Academies Network, we are committed to taking full advantage of the opportunities working in a collaborative MAT presents to extend the capacity, sustainability and ability of the group to deliver an excellent education, experiences and outcomes for all young people.

ELAN policies and statutory documents

 The following statutory documents can be found on the ELAN website:

  • Annual reports and financial documents
  • Articles of association
  • Executive pay
  • Gender pay gap reporting
  • Funding Agreement
  • Modern slavery act statement
  • Trade Union reporting

The following policies and information can be found on the ELAN website:

  • Modern slavery act statement

Extend Learning Academies Network governance information 

 For information regarding the structure and remit of the members and board of trustees please click the below links:

 Extend Learning Academies Network Governance

Extend Learning Academies Network Members

Extend Learning Academies Network Board of Trustees

 ELAN website

Memorandum of Association, Funding Agreement, Accounts and Annual Report for Extend Learning Academies Network can be found by going to:  https://www.extendlearning.org/statutory-documents/  

To contact ELAN please call 01934 313390 or email office@extendlearning.org

ELAN Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Adam Matthews.

Extend Learning Academies Network. Registered Address: Extend Learning Academies Network, 13 Lime Close, Weston-super-Mare BS24 8BB.

A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (Company number: 10896504)