English Rationale

At Walliscote, English is fundamental to all areas of learning as it unlocks access to the wider curriculum. We believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced English curriculum, which is delivered in a way that recognises the varied needs of our children and allows each individual to maximise their learning potential.

Being literate increases opportunities for the individual in all aspects of life, lays the foundations for lifelong learning and work, and contributes strongly to the development of phonics, reading, writing and spelling within The National Curriculum.

The study of English at Walliscote develops children’s abilities to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of purposes, including the communication of their ideas, views and feelings. Children are enabled to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, as they become enthusiastic about and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama, as well as non-fiction and media texts. Children will gain an understanding of how language works by looking at its patterns, structures and origins within spelling.

Children use their knowledge, skills and understanding in speaking, listening, reading and writing to underpin their learning of the entire curriculum.

Writing progression

Reading progression

Phonics progression

Spelling progression