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Pod no 1: What's in the suitcase?!

Our first 'provocation pod' was a suitcase and we decided to not give it a theme or direction to be used with, but instead allow the children to explore it how they wished. We were amazed by the results!

What is it? Can we open it? Is it heavy? Why is it here? I know -it's a present for us?! My Mum's got one like that. I've got a small one in my cupboard, but it's pink.  
Look! It's a magic box, let's do some tricks.
Look in me Genie lamp- it's going to be magic - watch!! I close the lid, then look - bet you don't know what's in there do you?! How did that get in there? It's magic. I did a magic trick,
I made a map - you need to use it to find the treasure, I hid it. First you have to go in the sea, over the sea creatures and then you have to jump over the sand. You see, it says here where it is. Can you find it?!
I need to measure this - I need to draw it. I think it's really big, bigger than me?
I think this is broken? Can we fix it? Where does it go?
I got a purse, do we need to give it back? What's this (pulls out a slip of paper with a phone number on it). It's a secret writing, I'll keep it safe.