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Walliscote Primary

Covid - 19 March 23rd 2020

Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear Parents/carers,

Thank you very much for your continued support and understanding during these incredibly challenging times. As you may be aware the situation is rapidly changing and we will continue to keep you updated when we receive information from the government.

As of today and until further notice, the school is now closed to all children except for those listed below.

We will remain open to children of critical sector workers that require childcare and for vulnerable children. Places are allocated using a booking system. To ensure the safety of your children and safe staffing levels only those children booked in can be accepted. It is our intention to maintain this provision through the Easter Holidays.

Maintaining provision is likely to become increasingly challenging as the current situation progresses. Therefore, it is likely that we may have to make changes to compensate for any challenges faced. Please be assured that we will communicate any changes as soon as known.

The government has released guidance for parents and carers about the school closures.


These are the key areas that the government have included in this release:

  1. Closures of schools, childcare and other educational settings
  2. Exams
  3. Free school meals
  4. Vulnerable children
  5. Critical workers
  6. Resources and support


Thank you again for your continued understanding during what is an unprecedented situation.

Yours faithfully,

Heidi L Hudd

Interim Executive Headteacher