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Intra School Games

Hockey tournament

This term we have been playing hockey against different schools around our area and lots of the children in year 5/6 have got hooked on it! 2 boys, Bartosz and Juned, have set a tournament up for all of KS2. They have written a little bit about it below...

We made this tournament with a little help from our brilliant teacher Mr R. We designed this tournament for all children, boys and girls. We made it so that every team had a variety of different genders so that it would give girls the chance of playing sports with the boys on the same team. We will share the teams below and all of the results when the tournament is finished...

Out of the 8 teams that entered the tournament today, School Crushers came out second and Slimy Liquorice emerged victorious. Well done to Archie, Oskar, Destiny, Pedro and Illias for runners up and a big well done to Ollie, Joe, Lara and Omar who won 1-0 in the final!

The results

 Check out this video

Walliscote’s world cup tournament

Since world cup fever is all but over in England, some children at our school have come up with the idea of hosting their own tournament (with the help of a few teachers).

The games began at the same time as the knock out stages of the world cup and include 7 teams of 6 players.

The tournament was opened for children in years 4/5/6 and has been very well participated! Games have been 5 minutes long with 3 games a day which have all been watched by numerous amounts of fans from all year groups!

A daily report with pictures will be posted on this page for all to keep up to date throughout the tournament…