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Walliscote Primary

Year 6 camp

Dear Parents/Carers,


We finally got here! Only joking we got here yesterday. We’re all safe and sound and already developing new skills and friendships. 

So far we have done the blind trail and rock climbing. We have spent a lovely, chilled morning on the lake kayaking and canoeing, followed by fencing and a challenging obstacle course. We have been amazed at how much some of them have challenged themselves already and their resilience! They are currently enjoying a disco at the moment while we write this.







Enjoy the photos we have put up, with more to follow tomorrow.


Year 6 Camp team 2020


Day three 

Wow what a wondeful group of children. On Wednesday everyone enjoyed the lake challenge, climbing a ladder and zipping along the zip wire across the lake. They also took a lovely walk along the Welsh  landscape, discussing features unique to Abernant. Later in the day they completed a low level cycling challenge then finished off the day with a friendly but competiitive quiz night! Let's just say Team Woof won by a couple of points.


Day four

Waking to a beautiful, frosty landscape was amazing, then they realised they had stand-up paddle boarding in the lake!! All went well though, all the children tried their best and got onto the paddle boards, some more confident than others and some got more wet than others, with lots falling in and deciding to jump in. Next, they concquered the low-level ropes, then ascended up a challenging rope ladder before plummeting down a 100 metre zip wire! We're off for an evening walk now, so torches at the ready!!